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Culture to Go – Summer session

The SODEP and Érudit continue their collaboration to offer summer readings with the Culture to go project.

For this fourth edition of Culture to Go, a variety of cultural articles were selected under the theme of heritage in the broadest sense. A topic that allows a look at everything that constitutes Quebec’s heritage: its scenery, regions and traditions, but also its architecture and gastronomy.

Going to meet our cultural heritage means giving yourself time to live new experiences, it means associating faces, stories and landscapes with quality local products and meeting passionate people who provide access to a whole range of secular knowledge. These pleasures are increasingly popular in Quebec, where heritage tourism experiences growing success each year.

Articles published in cultural journals are a great way to uncover questions and solutions concerning heritage issues in Quebec and elsewhere,” says Hélène Hotton, Executive Director of SODEP. “Accessible to everyone, this knowledge is essential to fully understand the legacies of the past that we benefit from today, and to be able to pass them on to future generations.

Discover our selection of articles throughout the summer on our social networks, to read by the lake, or on your balcony!