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Our Team

First and foremost, Érudit is a team of passionate and dedicated people.

Executive Director

Tanja Niemann

Executive Director
514-343-6111 ext. 5473

“We work to meet the needs of our readers, librarians, publishers, and partners—be it in terms of operations, research, strategic development, or information technologies.”

Operations Team

Félix-Antoine Allard

Digital information technician

Mélanie Bélanger

Digital information technician

Élise Bergeron

Operations director
514-343-6111 ext. 5248

Julia Boileau

Digital Information Technician

Julie Brunelle

Finance Officer

Cathy Bingoye

Technical assistant

Hocine Chehab

Digital publishing officer
514-343-6111 ext. 44607

Émilie Chouinard

Product Manager
514-343-6111 ext. 16563


Carole Corlosquet

Technical assistant

Catherine Côté-Cyr

Communications Officer
Marie-Ève Dugas

Marie-Eve Dugas

Digital Publishing Officer

Karine Fréchette

Digital Information Analyst

Maxime Guénette

Technical assistant

Gwendal Henry

Communications Advisor
514-343-6111 ext. 2723

Alina Ivanova

Digital information technician

Louise Lalonde

Administrative assistant

Isabelle Lépine

Digital publishing coordinator

Laurence Landry

coordinator for corporate affairs and for communications

Anna Papacostidis

Knowledge Mobilization Assistant

Guillaume Pellegrini

Partnerships Coordination Officer

Mathieu Pigeon

Data analyst

Photo de Solongo Pruneaux Altangerel

Solongo Pruneaux Altangerel

head of finance and administration

Cathy Robichaud

Digital information technician

Marie-Eve Robichaud

Digital information technician

Research and Strategic Development Team

Éric Archambault

Director, Research and Innovation

Simon van Bellen

Senior Research Advisor
Suzanne Beth

Suzanne Beth

Principal coordinator

Jessica Clark

Senior Coordinator, Open Access Development

Information Technology Team

Davin Baragiotta

Chief information officer
514-343-6111 ext. 5338

Fabio Batalha

Data architect

Augusto dos Santos Latgé


Aziz Bouhouch


David Cormier

Information systems architect

Béranger Enselme


Audrey Larivière

Data Analyst

David Montminy

Systems administrator

Maxime Turcotte