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Signature of the Helsinki Initiative

The Érudit Consortium is proud to announce its endorsement of the Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication. Launched in 2019, this initiative aims to promote the importance of multilingualism in research and its dissemination in a context of internationalization. It is based on three

Coalition Publica Response to Action Plan for Diamond Open Access

Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project are partners in Coalition Publica, with the objective of contributing to the advancement of digital publishing and the dissemination of research in the humanities and social sciences in Canada. Our two organizations recently presented their support for the Action

Launch of the 2023 call for journals

Each year, Érudit opens a call for applications for journals interested in benefiting from its services, and in particular in being disseminated on the platform. Journals must fill out a form and meet a number of criteria. Their application will then be reviewed by

Portrait of Canadian scholarly journals

Scholarly publishing practices have been transformed by digital technologies over the past twenty years. Indeed, the funding models of academic journals, both in Canada and abroad, are being challenged by the transition towards open access, which is picking up speed and seems set to become

Release of the 2020-2021 Annual Report

We are pleased to introduce the report of our activities for the year 2020-2021. With 31 new disseminated journals, the continuation of several large-scale open access and open science projects, and a significant increase in usage of our platform (over 1 million additional unique users

Érudit at home : tips for research

The events of the past year have changed the way we live and approach research. Because we understand the complexity of this rapid adaptation, Érudit would like to accompany you in your research efforts, no matter where you are. In this blog post, we share

Érudit at home : share the campaign !

Earlier this fall, Érudit launched its Érudit at home campaign. This campaign, which continues to unfold throughout the fall and winter semesters, aims to support users in their research endeavours, no matter where they are. With education and research increasingly practiced in hybrid mode, we