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Érudit’s technological infrastructure is based on open-source solutions that meet the norms of the digital publishing industry.

The Digital Publishing Chain

Érudit has developed an open software for editorial production called Tournesol, which centralizes the various stages of thoroughly marked up digital publication and meets international dissemination requirements (Érudit Article, as well as NLM, Dublin Core, etc.). Érudit Article is an XML markup format tailored for academic papers that allows both to structure documents and to ensure their wide dissemination across various search tools. The Érudit Article format is used for journals disseminated on the Érudit platform as well as on CAIRN and Persée.

Used by Université de Montréal’s digital research production team, at the Centre d’expertise numérique pour la recherche, Tournesol has also been implemented at the Université Laval library as well as at the University of New-Brunswick’s Centre for Digital Scholarship.

The Dissemination Platform

Publications on the Érudit platform can be accessed and perused using several tools:

  • bilingual interface (French and English);
  • integrated search engine;
  • search operators ;
  • filtered search results;
  • browsing tool (cultural journals);
  • export towards several reference tools (EndNote RefWorks Zotero etc.);
  • unlimited simultaneous access.

The Public OAI

Érudit has a public OAI that allows the journal records available on the platform to be harvested. Requests for this OAI are available in OAI-DC and NLM formats.

Davin Baragiotta

Chief Information Officer
514-343-6111 ext. 5338