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As a research infrastructure, Érudit supports and takes part in several research and development activities
in collaboration with national and international partners.

Research Corpora

In order to enable text mining of large data sets, we have signed agreements with several major digital heritage institutions in Canada. Thousands of documents are thus available to researchers, from the collections of BAnQ, BAC/LAC, and the Québec National Assembly Library.

Services around textual data collections are offered through the Coalition Publica partnership.

Research Collaborations

We support several major research projects in the humanities and social
sciences by providing technical or strategic support for project development.

TECHNÈS: Rethinking film and its history and techniques for the digital age

The members of the TECHNÈS partnership are working on a digital and bilingual systematic encyclopedia of film techniques. Their goal is to conduct a synchronous and diachronous study of the moments of deep technological transformation in the cinematic realm.

Lead researcher: Canadian team overseen by André Gaudreault (GRAFICS/Université de Montréal).

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INKE – Implementing New Knowledge Environments

The INKE network is an interdisciplinary initiative bringing together 35 researchers around issues of knowledge production and dissemination in the digital age, particularly focusing on the future of reading and books from an historical perspective.

Lead researcher: Ray Siemens, University of Victoria

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Littérature québécoise mobile: literary reading and writing practices in a digital context (LQM)

The LQM project aims to support the Quebec literary community in its transition towards digital formats by developing innovative tools such as the Opuscules app. LQM works closely with members of the community and is respectful of book culture.

Lead researcher: Bertrand Gervais (Université du Québec à Montréal)

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