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Licence & Policies

Here are the documents framing the
acceptable use of our collections.

Acceptable Use Policy

The acceptable use policy frames the use of the content available on our platform. To quickly find the information you need, you can also consult our FAQ section.

Acceptable Use Licence

The acceptable use licence frames the terms of use of the platform and the documents available on Érudit for institutions that have signed an agreement (subscription or partnership) with Érudit. The licence can be viewed online.

Accessibility Statement

The Érudit Consortium is committed to making its platform accessible to all, including people with disabilities. The accessibility statement lists the platform’s accessible content and features.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy summarizes the various personal data that may be collected while browsing the Érudit platform.

Cookie Policy

The cookie policy explains the different types of cookies used, their uses and how to withdraw consent to their collection.


The documents disseminated on the platform remain the exclusive property of the rights-holders and their beneficiaries, and are protected under the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42). Every journal disseminated on Érudit has its own editorial and copyright policies. Some journals own the rights for an article, whereas others let the authors retain those rights. Please consult each journal’s presentation page to find out more.