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Érudit disseminates a unique corpus of Canadian scholarly and cultural journals in the humanities and social sciences, and supports the open access movement.

On our platform,, we disseminate over 200 scholarly and cultural journals that reflect the broad scope of research and creation and the humanities and social sciences. Anthropology, literature, psychology, demographics, education… over 35 disciplines are represented in the available corpus.

The disseminated journals are independent and are, for the most part, published by Canadian learned societies, university presses, or academic departments. These journals were evaluated by our scientific committee and meet strict selection criteria.

Terms of Access

95% of Érudit content is freely available!

The only restrictions apply to current issues of journals disseminated by way of a moving wall: a membership is required to access the latest publication year for restricted scholarly journals, and to the past three years for cultural journals.

Institutional subscription


Érudit offers single-publication memberships as well as bundles. For bundles, membership costs vary according to institution size and type.


Membership to one or several journals disseminated on Érudit lasts a calendar year: from January 1st to December 31st .


Acces management

Access to restricted content is monitored through recognition of the institution’s IP address. Remote access is also available, either by proxy or through a referring URL.

Membership includes access to:

  • the entire restricted contents of the journal;
  • a host of services tailored for documentation centres and libraries;
  • the platform and its promotion and discovery features.
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Contribute to promoting open access and bibliodiversity

Journals can choose to be made available on Érudit behind a moving wall (12 months for scholarly journals, 36 months for cultural journals) or in immediate open access. All the disseminated archives are available in open access. This means that over 95% of Érudit content is freely available!

Meanwhile, membership revenues are returned to restricted journals, while open access publications benefit from support through the Partnership for Open Access. This hybrid model allows to financially support journals while making most research results readily available. Through this unique model, Érudit supports scholarly publishing, open access to Canadian research results as well as the dissemination of thoroughly peer-reviewed and structured content.

Partnership for Open Access

As of 2014, Érudit launched the establishment of the Partnership for Open Access, a new funding model for journals where open access is supported by all the stakeholders of the research sector. Supported by most Canadian university libraries, and currently being developed at a global level, this initiative aims to counterbalance the costly for-profit options and to foster open access in a sustainable way.

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Subscribing and partner libraries benefit from services and tools enabling them to integrate the corpora in their discovery tools and analytics. These services can be accessed from the platform’s Dashboard.

Services for subscribing and partner libraries




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Why subscribe to Érudit?

To gain comprehensive access to the disseminated articles

You offer your users access to all the articles published on Érudit.

To contribute to supporting journals’ independence

Your institution contributes to the support of high quality, independent journals.

A counterweight to large commercial publishers

You promote a not-for-profit initiative as a counterbalance to large commercial publishers.

Features that promote content discovery

All functionalities are easily accessible from the platform.

Émilie Chouinard

Partnerships Officer
514-343-6111 ext. 16563