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Services for Journal Editors


With its wide range of quality services, competitive rates and personalized support for every publication, Érudit sets the standard for digital publishing and knowledge dissemination in the scholarly and cultural fields.

With a team comprised of publishing and documentation professionals, and an expertise spanning more than two decades, we support journal editors in all their operations related to the publication and dissemination of scholarly and cultural publications.


Based on international standards, our digital publishing chain enables us to produce thoroughly marked-up digital documents in XML format, ensuring their accessibility and metadata use as research data.

These files are optimized for online dissemination (tracking and quick download) and available in PDF, XML, XHTML, or ePub formats. Several digital publishing options are offered based on the journal’s specific needs.

Érudit offers its expertise and personalized support for the digitization of journals’ archives and that of other scholarly and cultural publications.

Over the past several years, Érudit has developed a strong dissemination strategy and efficient indexing services. Dissemination and indexing are fundamental in our work to expand the outreach of digital publications. Journals choose to be disseminated either behind a moving wall (12 months for scholarly journals, 36 months for cultural journals) or in immediate open access on the Érudit platform. The duration of the moving wall restricting access to scholarly journals meets the requirements of most international funding agencies.

Thanks to the thorough structuring of contents and compliance with international quality standards, we have signed agreements with major cataloguing platforms, such as WorldCat, Google Scholar, Francis, Repère, Persée, etc.

In total, over 1,200 institutions in 35 countries have a membership or a partnership agreement with Érudit for access to the journals disseminated on the platform. We are currently working on developing the membership and partnership revenues for editors by negotiating new agreements with library consortia or by offering new membership options.

Developed by Érudit, the Partnership for Open Access is an innovative model of collaboration between academic libraries and scholarly journals aimed at financially supporting publishers in the humanities and social sciences in an equitable and sustainable open access publishing environment.

We ensure long-term arching of the files in XML, XHTML, and PDF format, as well as their metadata. To this end, we offer persistent identification for all documents (using a URI address), and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) tags each article in compliance with an international standard. In keeping with this goal of sustainably preserving data, Érudit has signed an agreement with Portico to ensure the safeguarding of files in the event of a major incident.

editorial policy

Érudit does not hold the copyright for the articles disseminated on its platform and created using its resources. Journals grant Érudit a non-exclusive licence for the digital dissemination of their current or past issues.

Scholarly journals
Érudit’s scientific committee evaluates the journals based the selection criteria of the two major Canadian funding agencies (The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et Culture) :

  1. The journal follows a rigorous and independent peer review process;
  2. The editorial board of the journal is composed of a minimum of one-third (⅓) of researchers affiliated with a Canadian post-secondary institution and/or the journal is owned by a Canadian non-profit organization;
  3. The journal issues at least 6 scholarly papers yearly;
  4. The journal has been published for at least two years as a peer-reviewed scholarly journal;
  5. The journal is attached to the field of humanities and social sciences;
  6. The journal is published mainly in French and/or English.

These selection criteria are merely indicative. All applications are individually evaluated by Érudit’s scientific committee.

Cultural journals
The cultural journals disseminated on Érudit are part of an agreement with the SODEP. If your journal is already a member, we invite you to contact us directly at If you are not a member, we invite you to contact the SODEP.

To better integrate new journals, Érudit launches its call for applications once a year. Journals wishing to join the platform must apply during this period. For further information, please contact our Journals Team at

service costs

Digital publishing

The only costs billed to journals cover the digital publishing services. Our rates are established based on a calculation comprising the following factors:

  • the chosen digital publishing option;
  • the annual number of issues and articles;
  • the complexity of the articles to be processed;
Dissemination, storage and preservation

The dissemination, storage, and preservation costs are covered by Érudit, with help from public funding and financial support from our partners. Érudit returns most membership revenues to journals.

Why Choose Érudit?

Highest quality standards

You have the assurance that the digital version meets the highest quality standards, without having to worry about the technical aspects of putting it online.

A national and international reach

Your journal benefits from the national and international reach of the Érudit platform, built over the years by the editorial quality of its content, its rigorous editorial process and the partnerships established.

An attentive and dedicated team

You are supported by an attentive and dedicated team with more than 25 years of expertise.

A source of income for your journal

You benefit from income through commercialization agreements and the Partnerships for Open Access established with libraries.

Get in touch with our team

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Digital Publishing Advisor

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Marie-Eve Dugas

Digital Publishing Officer

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Chloë Marshall

Digital Publishing Officer