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Culture to Go – Fall Session

Inspired by the success of the last holiday edition, SODEP and Érudit have joined forces once again to create an express version of Culture to Go, this time with a back-to-school theme. In this issue, you'll find articles from cultural magazines that explore the field

Artist Pierre Granche as Seen by Cultural Magazines

This summer, the Centre d'exposition de l'Université de Montréal (CEUM) is hosting a monographic exhibit of the works of artist and Université de Montréal professor Pierre Granche (1948-1997). Curated by CEUM director Laurent Vernet, Granche / Atelier / Ville is the first major presentation of

Printemps des revues 2023

As part of the Printemps des revues 2023, SODEP and Érudit are pleased to present a selection of the most viewed cultural articles on, in college and university libraries subscribed to Érudit. Érudit recently renewed its agreement with 54 libraries in Québec and Ontario, allowing

7 Journals Switch to Open Access in 2023

Each year, several scholarly journals on the platform change their delivery model to offer their entire collection in immediate open access. In 2023, seven journals made this transition. The transition to open access is a carefully considered process that requires considerable work on the

On the importance of protecting biodiversity

In the context of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) held in Montreal from December 7 to 19, 2022, Érudit presents a selection of scholarly articles proposing solutions to protect nature and halt biodiversity loss. The issues affecting biodiversity are multifaceted. Beyond the sustainable use of

Culture to Go – 2022 Holiday Edition

The SODEP and Érudit are once again partnering to bring you a holiday version of Culture to go. Each week until Christmas, discover a selection of articles inspired by this period of celebrations. We suggest you start with the preparation of the festivities: from decorating

National Indigenous Peoples Day

To commemorate National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Érudit is highlighting the contribution of the journals on its platform to Canada’s Aboriginal communities. The selection is intended to support and encourage dialogue between aboriginal and non-aboriginal peoples through the exploration of a range of geographic, political and social issues.

New Titles in 2021

No less than 31 journals will start to be disseminated in 2021 on the platform! Note that 29 of these publications are disseminated in open access, and that the majority of them include a Creative Commons license, in order to facilitate their use by

Culture to go – Portraits of Influential Women Near and Far

The Érudit platform and SODEP continue to feature digital articles from Quebec cultural magazines in the winter edition of Bagages culturels / Culture to go. The third and final theme is Portraits of Influential Women Near and Far. Presented by Mélikah Abdelmoumen (author, editor and professor), this

Culture to go – Northern Living

Throughout the summer of 2020, Érudit and the Société de développement des périodiques culturels québécois (SODEP) put forward articles taken from Quebec cultural journals in order to enhance the summer readings of Quebecers, as well as Internet users around the world. The Bagages culturels / Culture