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Laval théologique et philosophique is turning 75

75 ans LTP

Founded in 1945, the journal Laval théologique et philosophique has a rich history of both continuity and transformations.

Enriching intellectual life

From 1945 to the late 1960s, the journal was greatly influenced by the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Following epistemological transformations in the mid-twentieth century, the intellectual thrust of Laval théologique et philosophique has diversified, influenced by changes that have occurred in the practice and teaching of philosophy and theology. The evolution of how religion relates to culture, in the Western world and in Quebec, have also left their mark on its pages, more specifically with regards to the disciplines of theology.

Today, the journal promotes dialog between religious studies, philosophy and theology, on the one hand, and humanities and social sciences, on the other, more specifically in the fields of ethics, culture, literature, esthetics, and the relationship between tradition and modernity. It also tackles the profound mutations in the religious experience and faith. It is meant as a space to further examine the issues of meaning affecting Western societies and their instances of critical discourse.

From its inception, Laval théologique et philosophique has welcomed in its pages a majority of contributors external to the faculties of Philosophy and Theology at Laval University, thereby enriching French-language intellectual life both locally and internationally.

A digital presence for increased accessibility, visibility, and reach

Laval théologique et philosophique has demonstrated it could adapt to the recent changes in scholarly publishing. Partnering with Érudit, digitizing its collection, and limiting its embargo to 12 months before distribution in open-access repositories have increased the journal’s accessibility and visibility. It is now firmly seated in learning environments and institutions of higher learning in both Canada and beyond.

We have noted a great increase in journal consultations from the Érudit platform, with more than 500,000 page views since 2019. That’s a 25% increase compared to last year!

Another sign of the vitality and reach of the journal: over the course of the last two years, 45% of submissions were rejected.

A 75th-anniversary documentary-heritage mobilization project

The 75th anniversary of the journal provides the management team with the opportunity to carry out a documentary heritage mobilization project, which covers the entire journal collection as well as its administrative archives. Supported by the Laval University Library, the project aims to produce educational material on the history of the journal starting from significant articles and special issues.

The material will be used during activities throughout 2020-2021: a local exhibit in the public rooms of the library, a virtual exhibition on its website, and a social media page dedicated to the journal. The goal is to breathe new life into the local, national and international academic community and increase the journal’s visibility through its past and recent accomplishments.

It is thus with great pride that the editorial team begins the publication of an anniversary volume celebrating the 75 years of existence of Laval théologique et philosophique.

A few articles from the journal:

  • De Koninck, C. (1945). La dialectique des limites comme critique de la raison. Laval théologique et philosophique, 1(1), 177-185,
  • Collins, Raymond F. « The Image of Paul in the Pastorals. » Laval théologique et philosophique, volume 31, numéro 2, 1975, p. 147–173.
  • Chevassus-Marchionni, V. (2012). Croyance et psychanalyse dans l’itinéraire singulier de Marie de la Trinité. Laval théologique et philosophique, 68(3), 567-576,