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Érudit and Montreal Public Libraries

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From now on, the 186 academic and cultural journals disseminated on Érudit will be available to everyone in Montreal.

Thanks to an agreement signed by Érudit and the Montreal Public Libraries Network, 400,000 members now have access to all content available on the Érudit website. All they have to do is go to one of the 45 libraries in the network or log into the digital portal (portal in French only).

The agreement also means public libraries will provide substantial financial support for academic and cultural publications. As a matter of fact, Érudit will be passing on 70% of the funds from subscriptions or partnerships with libraries to help finance journals disseminated on the platform.

About Érudit
In partnership with Canadian documentation organizations and scholarly publishers, Érudit works toward the digital dissemination of scientific and cultural publications in the humanities and social sciences. Érudit is an interuniversity consortium of University of Montreal, Laval University and Université du Québec à Montréal and receives support from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Société et Culture. Since 2014, it has been recognized as a major science initiative by the Canadian Fund for Innovation.

About the Montreal Public Libraries Network
Montreal has a network of 45 libraries in 19 boroughs that provides gateways to reading, news, knowledge, culture and recreation. Bold programming and dedicated teams have helped make Montreal’s public libraries popular with visitors who want to experience knowledge in all its forms. In partnership with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, whose Grande Bibliothèque is Montreal’s de facto central library, the library network is part of what makes Montreal an immensely livable city of knowledge, creativity and innovation.