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Promoting digital access to Quebec’s cultural magazines: Culture to go / Bagages culturels, a successful campaign

The Érudit Consortium and the Société de développement des périodiques culturels québécois (SODEP) are continuing their joint promotional campaign celebrating Quebec’s cultural magazines.

Throughout the summer of 2020, the platform and SODEP digitally showcased articles from Quebec’s cultural magazines to add sizzle to summer reading lists in Quebec and worldwide. The Culture to go / Bagages culturels campaign reached its wide audience by highlighting articles on social media with colourful visuals accompanied by an abstract. It featured a number of themes such as film, Montreal’s Expo 67, and various art movements. The readers’ interest in the campaign has compelled the organizations to renew the campaign for this winter season:

Cultural magazines play a leading role in the richness of Quebec’s cultural landscape,” proudly remarks Hélène Hotton, Executive Director at SODEP. “They provide unique forums for voices from a variety of backgrounds to express themselves. Cultural magazines are as much a gathering space as one in which to create and to intervene: they contribute immensely to enriching Quebec’s cultural heritage.

This season’s three themes are “Northern Living” (January 2021), “Vibrant Regions: Culture and History” (February 2021), and “Portraits of Influential Women Near and Far” (March 2021). The first theme is presented by Professor Daniel Chartier, Director of the International Research Laboratory on the North, Winter, and the Arctic in the Collective Imagination. The curated articles are already available on the dedicated webpage as well as on the various social media accounts of SODEP and Érudit.

SODEP and the platform have been collaborating since 2010 to increase the visibility of Quebec’s cultural magazines in the digital space,” reminds Tanja Niemann, Érudit’s Executive Director. “Our organization works most closely with university and college institutions as well as with their affiliated professors and researchers. More than 85,000 articles have been digitized and made available through this collaboration. I’m glad to see it continue with this social media promotional initiative.” We hope that these articles, which you can find each week on our Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, will warm up your winter days.


Gwendal Henry – Communications Officer

About Érudit
Érudit works toward the digital dissemination of academic and cultural publications in the humanities and social sciences. Érudit is an interuniversity consortium made up of the Université de Montréal, the Université Laval and the Université du Québec à Montréal. It receives support from Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Société et Culture. Since 2014, Érudit has been recognized as a major science initiative by the Canadian Fund for Innovation.

The Société de développement des périodiques culturels québécois (SODEP) is an association dedicated to defending and promoting cultural magazines in Quebec. Founded in 1978, SODEP brings together close to 45 rich, varied, and unique magazines devoted to art, literature, societal issues, history, and cultural heritage.