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New Journals – 2016

2016 was marked by the diversity and the quality of the journals enriching the body of articles disseminated by Érudit. All in all, 6 journals in fields such as culture, social sciences and humanities were added to the platform.


Scholarly Journals

Four journals complete Érudit’s scholarly corpus. Providing spaces for exchange and sharing among the research community, Archives, CSWR, Alterstice and BioéthiqueOnline are now available for Érudit’s users, contributing to their formations, their studies and their professional practices.

petit-petit-cadenasAlterstice – 2 issues per year – Open AccessRevue alterstice
Alterstice uses a broad definition of what is intercultural research in the aim of expanding the “natural” boundaries of different study fields related to migrants, migration and to phenomena existing within one or several cultures. To understand local realities in a globalised world, converging views between researchers are encouraged since they give an additional depth into social sciences analyses.

Archives – 1 issue per year – Access under subscription archives
Archives  is a meeting point between diverse disciplines more traditional related to information sciences such as archival, library sciences or document management and new challenges as knowledge management, change management, metadata management or content management. The journal is the dissemination medium of the Association des archivistes du Québec (AAQ). The 2016 issue is available on Érudit:

petit-petit-cadenasBioéthiqueOnline – 1 issue per year – Open Accessbioethique-online-web
BioéthiqueOnline is a bilingual journal whose goal is to publish academic, conceptual and empirical research results in bioethics. The journal is a collaboration between all bioethics programs of the Université de Montréal and the Association des étudiants de bioéthique de l’Université de Montréal (AÉBiUM). BioéthiqueOnline makes available all academic and professional resources being developed to contribute to the growth of a stable and collaborative bioethics community in Canada and abroad.

Canadian Social Work Review (CSWR) – 2 issues per year – Access under subscription canadian-social-work-review
The Canadian Social Work Review (CSWR) is a peer-reviewed scholarly and bilingual journal presenting the current scientific knowledge in social work. The journal is interested by contemporary concerns in the practice and in the social work education in Canada or abroad. The CSWR is published by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE-ACFTS).

Cultural Journals

The cultural journals for 2016 engage the readership in taking a fresh look at our society, to examine our environment from the perspective of social relationships which bind us together, from one generation to another, but as well on political and economic levels.

L’inconvénient – 4 issues per year – Access under subscription logo-linconvenient-web
The first addition, the journal L’Inconvénient offers several features exploring plural perspectives on the present-day world and addressing an intergenerational audience. Wishing not to overlook everything that makes the enjoyment of life, namely the beauty, this journal study its every angles, even its embarrassments and its complications, in other words, its inconveniences. For carrying out this task, the journal presents, among others, critical reviews about literature, painting as well as cinema and TV series. Issues from 2015 and 2016 are available from a library or a member institution subscribing to the digital version of the journal:

nouveaux-cahiers-du-socialisme-webLes Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme – 2 issues per year – Access under subscription
The second addition is entitled Les Nouveaux Cahiers du socialisme. It is the main dissemination tool of the Collectif d’analyse politique (CAP). Through the journal, the CAP makes a thorough analysis of the structural dimension of contemporary capitalism to fuel with new alternatives the social movement and the political left.