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New Journal on Érudit: BioéthiqueOnline

Editorial line

is an open access academic journal published online since 2012. Born from a collaborative endeavour between Bioethics Program and Bioethics Student Association (AÉBiUM) at Université de Montréal, BioéthiqueOnline has a mandate to share and disseminate research from various bioethics-related fields.

bioethique_online-bannerWithin a context where clinical, public health and technologies ethics, among others, are interacting together, different types of communication are published, such as commentaries, debate pieces, case studies and articles. BioéthiqueOnline addresses issues that would not be published in American and European journals due to their language, forms and jurisdictional situation.

With a background in philosophy and public health, Bryn William-Jones is director of Bioethics Program at Université de Montréal, in addition of being Editor-in-chief of Bioéthique Online. Membre of the Institut de recherche en santé publique de l’Université de Montréal, of Centre de recherche en éthique and of Réseau de recherche en santé des populations du Québec, William-Jones also gets involved in the Ethic in Military Research Group as in the Groupe de recherche sur les conflits d’intérêt. Among his current research interests there are professional ethics, public health ethic, scientific integrity and ethic teaching.

Open Access Dissemination
BioéthiqueOnline has adopted an open access policy for its dissemination. Not only all articles and communications are available and free online, but also a series of artistic works related to bioethics are under a Creative Commons licence (CC). The CC licence allows users to duplicate, share and to transform artistic works for free. In consideration of this exchange, users agree to ensure the equitable allocation of creation credits, to indicate all modifications brought to the works of art and to make a non-commercial use of it.

Volume 4 (2015) of BioéthiqueOnline is available on Érudit platform:

Journal Web-site: