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Érudit joins ORCID-CA

Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and the ORCID-CA Consortium are pleased to welcome Érudit to ORCID-CA. By becoming a member of ORCID-CA, Érudit aims to promote the use of ORCID identifiers among its community and integrate the ORCID unique and persistent identifier registry into its platform. The É platform is now the main access point for research in the humanities and social sciences in Canada. Its collections, mostly open access, are consulted worldwide by both academic researchers and the general public.

Érudit is an inter-university consortium formed by Université de Montréal, Université Laval, and Université du Québec à Montréal. Through a wide range of services, from data tagging to document indexing with international content aggregators, the Érudit team has been supporting the research and cultural communities in digital publishing and dissemination for over 20 years.

Érudit is also one of the founding organizations of Coalition Publica, a partnership between Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) which aims to develop a national humanities and social sciences (HSS) dissemination and research facility. Both PKP and Coalition Publica sit on the Canadian Persistent Identifiers Advisory Committee.

Érudit joins universities, funders, and research organizations from across Canada in ORCID-CA membership, which now includes 41 institutions. To learn more about the benefits of joining ORCID-CA, visit the ORCID-CA website or contact John Aspler, Manager, Canadian Persistent Identifier Community, at