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Culture to Go – 2022 Holiday Edition

The SODEP and Érudit are once again partnering to bring you a holiday version of Culture to go. Each week until Christmas, discover a selection of articles inspired by this period of celebrations.

We suggest you start with the preparation of the festivities: from decorating the tree to buying gifts. Then it’s time to put on your skates or take an invigorating walk. Next, let’s meet up with the family to taste the many typical dishes of New Year’s Eve. And finally, fall back into youth by remembering the children’s movie classics.

Help yourself to a good hot chocolate and enjoy unwrapping our cultural advent calendar!

Happy reading!

Initiated in 2020, Culture to go aims to showcase the rich collection of SODEP member cultural magazines that are disseminated on Érudit.

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Decorations and consumerism

Decorate your home without spending too much!

Gagnon, C-L. (1968-69). Poème de Noël Hippie. Vie des arts, (53), 10-15.

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Laurent, M. (2014). Noël en cadeau. Continuité, (139), 17–19.

Winter outings

Show off your cold-red cheeks!

Béland, M. (1994). Aux origines de la sculpture sur glace. Continuité, (59), 18–20.

Tessier, Y. (1987). Genèse de notre sport national. Cap-aux-Diamants, (2-4), 3-6.

Hardy-Vallée, M. (2022). Pierre Blache, L’insolence des villes — Restez à la maison; allez marcher / Pierre Blache, L’insolence des villes — Stay Home; Take a Walk. Ciel variable, (121), 35–45. [restricted access – log in via a subscribing library!]

Culinary arts and festivities

Work up an appetite!

Benoit, J. (1960). La table des Fêtes à l’époque coloniale. Vie des Arts, (21), 44–47.

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Children’s movie classics

Relive your childhood joys!

Caron, A. (1994). Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas. Séquences, (168), 43-44.

Côté, J.-G. (1984). Compte rendu de [De l’image à l’imaginaire : La guerre des tuques — un film et un livre]. Ciné-Bulles, 4(4), 22–23.

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