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A Look Back at 25 Years of Development for the Érudit Platform

Summary: The reach of research and the discoverability of scholarly publications in a constantly evolving technological environment depend on the establishment of strong partnerships, rigorous standards and a process of continuous innovation. This is the work that the Érudit Consortium has been doing since 1998,

5 questions with… Industrial Relations

For this latest instalment of our "5 questions with..." series, we wanted to follow the progress of journals that have recently changed their distribution model to offer their entire collection in immediate open access. Relations industrielles / Industrial Relations is one of seven journals to

Symposium québécois des revues savantes

Update as of November 13: This event is fully booked, and registration for the Symposium is now closed. We are expecting teams from over 70 journals, and our workshop room capacity does not allow for more. This autumn, Érudit and Acfas are joining forces to

Érudit Celebrates 25 Years of Open Knowledge

A look back at the success of a local platform providing access to research, disseminating journals and promoting French-language knowledge Montreal, September 18, 2023 - This fall, the Quebec-born Érudit Consortium will celebrate its 25th anniversary. This is an opportunity for the platform to reflect

5 questions with… Éducation et francophonie

Continuing our "5 questions with..." interview series, Érudit spoke to the team behind the journal Éducation et francophonie. Natalie Delarive, editor, and Anderson Araújo-Oliveira, chairman of the editorial board and full professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), answered our questions. On the

Culture to Go – Fall Session

Inspired by the success of the last holiday edition, SODEP and Érudit have joined forces once again to create an express version of Culture to Go, this time with a back-to-school theme. In this issue, you'll find articles from cultural magazines that explore the field

Artist Pierre Granche as Seen by Cultural Magazines

This summer, the Centre d'exposition de l'Université de Montréal (CEUM) is hosting a monographic exhibit of the works of artist and Université de Montréal professor Pierre Granche (1948-1997). Curated by CEUM director Laurent Vernet, Granche / Atelier / Ville is the first major presentation of

5 questions with… Drogues, santé et société

For this fifth interview in the "5 questions with..." series, Érudit spoke with Jean-Sébastien Fallu, editor-in-chief and director of the journal Drogues, santé et société, on the occasion of the journal's 20th anniversary. A multidisciplinary scientific journal, Drogues, santé et société is "dedicated to the publication