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Open Access Week: activities and commitment

The Open Access Week is an event that annually brings together hundreds of initiatives worldwide in support of Open Access dissemination of research results.

Activities for Open Access Week

During this week, we will have the pleasure to present our partnership with the CRKN for the support of scholarly journals and Open Access dissemination:

Érudit’s Commitments for Open Access

In over 15 years of activity, Érudit has become a forerunner of Open Access in Canada and the Francophone world, crafting an innovative dissemination model for the research results available on its platform:

  • “Gold Open Access”
    Érudit disseminates 20 full Open Access journals.
  • “Delayed Open Access”
    Érudit disseminates 87 delayed Open Access journals. Only the last two years of publication are available by subscription, while all of their archives is offered in Open Access.
  • “Green Open Access”
    Érudit offers document repository services to 37 Canadian research centres. Also, the Érudit platform allows searching a database of more than 50,000 theses and dissertations from seven Canadian universities.

Thus, 95% of the documents are available in Open Access on Érudit.

This hybrid model ensures both financial support for the journals and accessibility to a majority of research works.

Through this unique model, Érudit supports scholarly publishing, Open Access to Canadian research findings, and the dissemination of rigorous, structured, and peer-reviewed content.