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New Titles 2022

Discover the 23 new journals that will be disseminated during the year 2022 on the platform!


The journals are representative of the wealth of research and creation in Canada and abroad : archeology, economy, history, literary studies, psychology, education…

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2022 Catalog

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To access the new titles :

The publications of the new journals will be progressively accessible from the platform during the year 2022, according to their own publication schedule.

  • The majority of these titles are distributed under open access and Creative Commons licenses. Some titles are released with a 12-month (scholarly journal) or 36-month (cultural journal) moving wall restriction. For more information on access options, you can fill out this form.
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List of new titles


Sources and Studies in the History of Science

Aestimatio focuses on the history of science from antiquity to the early modern period in the cultures of Eurasia and Africa, recognizing that the spread of the traditions of knowledge and of ideas is a unifying characteristic of the chronological and geo-cultural scope of premodern science in the Old World.

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Revue de littératures franco-canadiennes et québécoise

Founded in January 2006 at the University of Ottawa’s French Department, the journal @nalyses publishes academic studies that, through their research questions or their approach, aim to renew the critical discourse in the field of Franco-Canadian and Quebec literatures and to expand the field of knowledge.

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The journal Archéologiques publishes articles, research notes, as well as papers presented at the annual conference of the Association des archéologues du Québec. Occasional reviews and other contributions complete this publication which covers all aspects of prehistoric and historical archaeology in Quebec.

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Comparative and International Education / Éducation comparée et internationale

Comparative and International Education/ Éducation comparée et internationale (formerly known as Canadian and International Education) has been the official bilingual journal of the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada since 1972. It is devoted to publishing scholarly writing on (formal and non-formal) education in a globalized world, from comparative and international perspectives. CIE welcomes Canadian comparative studies including research on indigenous and cross-cultural research and as well comparative research on other education settings and topics.

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The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education / La revue canadienne pour l’étude de l’éducation des adultes

The Canadian Journal for the Study of Adult Education (CJSAE) is committed to the dissemination of knowledge derived from disciplined inquiry in the field of adult and continuing education.

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Critical Education

Critical Education is an international and multidisciplinary journal published by the Institute for Critical Education Studies (ICES). Contributions critically examine contemporary education contexts, practices, and theories. Critical Education publishes theoretical and empirical research as well as articles that advance educational practices that challenge the existing state of affairs in society, schools, higher education, and informal education. 

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Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie

Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie publishes papers that investigate contemporary issues in discourse and writing studies. In this context, the journal is particularly keen to publish papers concerning the nature of writing and discourse in academic and professional settings, as well as current issues related to the use and teaching of written communication. Discourse and Writing/Rédactologie  aims to promote a range of approaches to writing and discourse research within the humanities and social sciences. It welcomes contributions on theoretical and pedagogical issues related to discourse and writing from a variety of academic fields, including communication, education, rhetoric, English, linguistics, journalism, psychology, and sociology.

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English Studies in Canada

English Studies in Canada is an academic journal based at the Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, and is the official journal of the Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English. As the nation’s leading generalist journal in the discipline of English Studies, English Studies in Canada publishes quarterly in print and digital formats to a global audience.

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Humain et Organisation

Humain et Organisation is a biannual journal that publishes original articles on one of the six areas of practice recognized by the Société québécoise de psychologie du travail et des organisations (SQPTO), namely staffing and assessment of potential, diagnosis and organizational development, training of managerial, professional or technical personnel, professional coaching in organizations, career management and reassignment of personnel, and employee assistance/psychological health at work.

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International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership

The International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership (IJEPL) is dedicated to enriching the education policy, leadership, and research use knowledge bases. The Journal welcomes articles on educational policy, leadership, and research use related to a variety of disciplines and educational settings, as well as policy initiatives that emanate from various levels of government. The Journal seeks to build bridges between researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to help identify best practices in learning, teaching, research, policy and leadership. 

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Intervention is published by the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ). Intervention responds to the OTSTCFQ’s mandate to promote the maintenance and development of the skills of social workers and marital and family therapists. The journal also aims to promote the advancement of knowledge in the fields of social work and marital and family therapy. To this end, it disseminates the most recent research findings based on current thought specific to these two fields of practice. The articles published address substantive questions, document important current issues, and highlight and analyze new modes of practice and innovative experiences. Finally, Intervention aims to ensure greater visibility for social workers and marriage and family therapists, both in Quebec and abroad.

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Italian Canadiana

Italian Canadiana publishes articles and reviews in English, French, and Italian and is devoted to research on all aspects of the lives of Italian Canadians. Italian Canadiana is the journal of the Frank Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies, formerly the Centre for Italian Canadian Studies, founded in cooperation with Centro Canadese Scuola e Cultura Italiana in 1984, and integrated into the Department of Italian Studies, University of Toronto, in 1988.

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Journal of Childhood Studies

Journal of Childhood Studies aims to provide researchers and practitioners with a transdisciplinary space to cultivate experimental, creative, and alternative approaches to, and conceptualizations of, childhood. Journal of Childhood Studies offers a forum for practitioners and scholars to engage in serious discussion related to the politics, tensions, and possibilities for childhood in increasingly complex and connected worlds. Articles published in the journal adopt a critical and post-developmental edge, as authors shift the conversation toward timely, innovative, and contradictory engagements with childhood that complexify traditional neoliberal, Euro-Western, or developmental understandings of children’s lives.

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Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education

The Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education (JCIE) is committed to publishing original articles by eminent and emerging scholars that take a critical and interdisciplinary approach on a variety of issues in education from diverse contexts. The journal is open to both field-based research and conceptual and theoretical works; it especially welcomes critical scholarship that aims to contest conventional assumptions about educational and social development contexts and relationships. As such, JCIE accepts for review, previously unpublished articles that include but are not limited to global education, foundations of education (including sociological, philosophical, historical and cultural studies in education), citizenship and human rights education, social justice and related issues in education, specialized curriculum studies topics, policy studies in education and politics of education.

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Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (JHS) was created in 1996 to foster scholarly research on the Hebrew Bible, ancient Israel’s history, and cognate fields of study.

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Journal of Teaching and Learning

Journal of Teaching and Learning publishes original research that contributes to questions in teaching and learning. These may include: issues related to indigenous education, gender, class, race, ability, ethnicity and diversity, educational policy, teacher education, educational leadership, and theories of teaching and learning. The journal also welcomes novel qualitative, arts-based, non-traditional methodologies.

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Quaderni d’Italianistica

Quaderni d’Italianistica publishes articles and book reviews in English, French, or Italian touching on any aspect of Italian literature from the origins to the present, Italian language, linguistics, and pedagogy.

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Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos

From its founding in 1975, RCEH’s mandate has been to provide a Canada-based international forum for research exchange and academic inquiry in Hispanic Studies. RCEH publishes original articles on Hispanic cultures, including research on the national literatures of Spanish America, Spain, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and, more recently, Spanish African and US Latino culture.

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Review of Economic Analysis

The Review of Economic Analysis is an open access, general interest digital economic journal with a mission to maintain the highest academic standards. It is the official journal of the International Centre for Economic Analysis (ICEA), a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the advancement and research in economics and other social sciences. ICEA is an international centre, with chapters in Canada, at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario; in Poland, at the University of Warsaw; and in Italy, at the University of Siena.

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Revue internationale Animation, territoires et pratiques socioculturelles / International Journal of Sociocultural community development and practices / Revista internacional Animación, territorios y prácticas socioculturales

The online International Journal of Sociocultural community development and practices (Journal SCDP) is committed to the dissemination of work contributing to the understanding of socio-cultural community development and practices in their contexts. Journal SCDP is interested in a wide range of fields where these practices can be innovative and creative towards individual, organisational and social development and emancipation, including education, economic, and various cultural fields. As an international journal, Journal SCDP publishes articles in both French, English and Spanish.

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Revue internationale du CRIRES / CRI_SAS International Journal

Innover dans la tradition de Vygotsky / Vygotsky’s Heritage: Innovation in Education

By sharing theoretical, methodological or empirical reflections as well as professional experiences rooted in practice settings, the CRI_SAS International Journal is intended as a space accessible to the community of researchers, practitioners, and graduate students.

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Revue Organisations & territoires

Organisations & territoires is a journal that specializes in organizational sciences, particularly the organization of sub-national territories in Quebec and Canada. Its primary subjects are management, innovation and development. Its niche among its competitors lies in how it makes research accessible for the general public. Its objective is to disseminate  on a relatively large scale research results that have already been well established.

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Le magazine de sociologie

Siggi is the new sociology magazine. Published twice a year, it is an unique space for sociologists to reach a general public through creative, reflective and accessible writing. It features short essays, photos, interviews, field anecdotes, serials, sociological columns, theoretical or methodological proposals, in short, everything that sociology has to offer!

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