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Renewal of the agreement between Érudit and Collecto: Guaranteeing schools’ access to Canadian scientific and cultural publications.

Érudit and Collecto Services regroupés en éducation have renewed their agreement allowing 175,000 CEGEP students to access the largest corpus of social science and humanities journals in Canada.

The diverse range of sources provided by search engines and the transformation of the media landscape make it increasingly difficult to find reliable information online. In this context, the partnership between Érudit and Collecto guarantees access to a high-quality database of more than 200 scientific and cultural journals largely from Quebec and Canada.

Varied research interests among CEGEP students

Hypersexualization, social exclusion, stress at school, legalization of cannabis, environmental issues: the list of most-consulted articles on the Érudit platform by CEGEP library users gives us an insight into the subjects that students are tackling in their work—but also into the issues that affect them in their everyday lives.

List of the 10 most-consulted articles on by subscribing CEGEP libraries
1. Prostitution et traite des êtres humains : controverses et enjeux 
2. La sexualité des jeunes Québécois et Canadiens. Regard critique sur le concept d’« hypersexualisation »
3. Détresse et anxiété chez les étudiants du collégial et recours aux services d’aide socioaffectifs
4. Le stress scolaire au collège et au lycée : différences entre filles et garçons
5. Le stress à l’école
6. Sexe, médias et… hypermoralisation
7. Image corporelle et minceur : à la poursuite d’un idéal élusif
8. Le travail rémunéré pendant les études au cégep : un laboratoire sociétal
9. Les médias sociaux et le bonheur : le cas de Facebook
10. La consommation de cannabis au Québec et au Canada : portrait et évolution

“In the seven years since the start of our agreement, Érudit has been one of the most highly appreciated resources among our subscribers. These establishments’ interest knows no limits!” says Anthony Laquerre, Director of Technological Solutions at Collecto. “CEGEP library members increased from 44 in 2012 to 53 in 2019! In a world where resources are ever more readily available, the quality and relevance of Érudit’s resources are what make it an indispensable platform for our clients!”

Increased use of the Érudit corpus

Evolution of traffic from members of Érudit - Collecto agreements

Established in 2012, the agreement favours both a greater equality among CEGEPs regarding access to scientific and cultural journals, and a sustainable model of financial support for the journals’ publishing activities.

“The contribution from CEGEPs via this agreement is essential for the Quebec and Canadian journals that we distribute,” points out Tanja Niemann, Director of Érudit. “This also encourages a renewal of the journals’ readership and, to some extent, helps inspire students to think about academic or scientific careers.” This is illustrated by the continued growth in consultation of the Érudit corpus in CEGEPs, which increased by over 20% this year.

About Collecto
Collecto Services regroupés en éducation is a non-profit organization that promotes collective services including group purchases. Drawing on its expertise, it provides solutions that meet the needs of organizations in the education sector. Created by Quebec CEGEPs in 1997, the network now comprises 137 member organizations.
About Érudit
Érudit works toward the digital dissemination of academic and cultural publications in the humanities and social sciences. Érudit is an interuniversity consortium made up of the Université de Montréal, the Université Laval and the Université du Québec à Montréal[FP2] . It receives support from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Société et Culture. Since 2014, Érudit has been recognized as a major science initiative by the Canadian Fund for Innovation.