Subscription offer

Érudit offers subscriptions by title or by title package for institutions; subscription rates are tailored to institution size and type.

For individual subscription, please communicate directly with the journal.

Subscriptions by title

Érudit offers subscriptions to 117 journals, covering more than 30 disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Consult our platform to discover the journals.
To obtain a detailed quote for subscriptions by title, please fill out our access options form.

Subscriptions by title package

Our title catalogue is divided into different thematic packages.

  • Complete collection: 112 titles
    The Complete Collection includes all of Érudit’s scholarly journals and magazines produced by university presses, learned societies and renowned publishers.
  • Humanities: 61 titles
    The Humanities Collection is a subset of the Complete Collection which includes literature and humanities scholarly journals, in disciplines such as cinema, literature, history and philosophy.
  • Social sciences: 51 titles
    The Social Sciences Collection is a cross-disciplinary subset of the Complete Collection. This collection contains scholarly journals primarily focused on disciplines in the social sciences such as psychology, education, sociology and politics. A few journals in applied and natural sciences, as well as law, are included.
  • Health and Social Work sciences: 11 titles
    The Health and Social Services Collection brings together scholarly journals dedicated to the dissemination of research results in the various fields of health sciences and social services.

Prices vary according to the size and type of your institution. To obtain a detailed quote for title package subscriptions, please fill out our access options form or contact Érudit at

Agencies and consortia

Érudit has signed agreements with several purchasing consortia in Canada, France, and the United States. Consortia-affiliated institutions receive special subscription rates with Érudit. Érudit meets the SERU international standard.


  • CRKN
    Érudit worked with CRKN to create an offer especially suited for Canadian university libraries, while promoting collaboration between documentary institutions and scholarly journals and creating a support fund for open access content.
  • Collecto
    An agreement between Érudit and Collecto, which includes 48 CEGEPs and 23 school boards in Québec, was signed in 2012, allowing the resources and services of Érudit to be at the centre of training for future academics.


    Thanks to an agreement signed in 2013 with the American consortium Center for Research Libraries, through its French-language acquisitions division (CIFNAL), Érudit’s restricted content is more accessible to U.S. institutions.


  • Couperin
    French universities can now benefit from negotiated rates through the Couperin consortium for title package subscriptions with Érudit.


  • BICfB

Érudit signed an agreement with the consortium Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Communauté française de Belgique.