Content Access

Only access to the current issues of journals is restricted; subscriptions are required for the last year of publication of scholarly journals and the last three years of publication of cultural journals. Journal archives and Books and Proceedings areas are all open access.

Subscription options

Subscriptions to journals on Érudit are for a single calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Access to restricted content is made possible via IP address recognition. Remote access is also supported (VPN, proxy or third party proxy service). Subscriptions include access to:

  • all restricted-access content for subscribed journals
  • a range of services tailored to documentation institutions and libraries
  • the platform and its dissemination, promotion, and discovery tools

Érudit offers subscriptions by title or by title package; subscription rates are tailored to institution size and type. Find more informations about subscription at our subscription page or contact us.

Open access

Since its inception in 1998, Érudit has supported open access dissemination, and is one of the forerunners of this movement in North America. Today, the majority of documents published on Érudit are available in open access.redcadenas

Ninety-five percent of the content on Érudit is freely accessible:
All full open-access journals (15% of published titles)
All archived restricted-access journals (85% of published titles)
All documents and data from research centres
All harvested theses

Five percent of the content is available through subscription:
Last year of publication of restricted-access scholarly journals.
⋅ Last three years of publication of cultural journals.

This hybrid model ensures both financial support for the journals and accessibility to a majority of research work. Through this unique model, Érudit supports scholarly publishing, open access to Canadian research findings, and the dissemination of rigorous, structured, and peer-reviewed content.

Érudit is currently seeking to produce a funding solution in which open access to published content is supported by all stakeholders in the research community. Working together in this unifying project, the scholarly community will be able to counterbalance more expensive commercial initiatives and promote open access to knowledge in a sustainable way.

For more information, please contact Érudit at

Partnership for Open-Acess

Starting in 2014, Érudit began the implementation of its Partnership for Open Access, a new journal funding model where open access would be supported by all stakeholders in the research community. Supported by the majority of Canadian university libraries, and developing internationally, this initiative aims to counterbalance scientific commercial publishing and promote open access in a sustainable manner.

Find out more about the Partnership:

User Licence and policy on use

Institutions and users must comply with the conditions of use:
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The metadata for the Érudit corpus is freely accessible through the OAI-PMH protocol:
Address: or

  • Available formats: oai_dc (Dublin Core), nlm (metadata only)
  • Article ID formats:
  • Sets formats: erudit.revue.cqd or (ListSets)