Advance the development of SSH practices and research fields

pratiquesÉrudit is the largest disseminator of French-language resources in North America. Through its research platform, Érudit offers a centralized access to the majority of francophone publications in the social sciences and humanities from North America, including scholarly and cultural journals, books, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, as well as various research documents and data. In all, more than 200,000 documents are made available from a single point of access.


Provide new tools for searching and exploiting data


Érudit supports researcher-driven initiatives in the creation of news tools for the development of the Digital Humanities, whether for data mining or for exploitation of research results.



Support open-access dissemination

libreaccèsbdThrough its policy combining open and restricted access based on a two- or three-year moving wall, close to 95% of Érudit’s collection is freely accessible to all. 75% of Érudit’s subscription revenues are redistributed to the journals, guaranteeing them a direct and independent source of funding. Institutional subscription fees for Érudit’s collections are adjusted according to the type and size of the subscribing institution.

Value French-language and bilingual publications worldwide

valoriserÉrudit disseminates the scholarly and cultural documents on its platform in Canada and abroad. Visitors from more than 200 countries worldwide accessed erudit.org in 2014, consulting 21 million scholarly and cultural documents. This visibility is strengthened by Érudit’s ongoing promotion of its collection internationally.