Quebec CEGEP libraries renew their support for Canadian scholarly and cultural publications through the Érudit-CCSR agreement.

More than 140,000 Quebec students and teachers will continue to enjoy privileged access to one of the largest corpuses of journals in the humanities and social sciences in Canada through the renewed agreement between Érudit and the 50 CEGEP libraries who are members of the CCSR.

The renewed agreement confirms the CEGEP network’s strong interest in the scholarly and cultural journals published on Érudit. As a result, consultations on the Érudit platform from CEGEPs have more than doubled since the first agreement signed in 2012.

“Access to reliable sources is essential for teachers, but also for students as part of their work,” said Jean-Philippe Bourdon, a librarian at CEGEP Saint-Laurent. “Learning to search validated scientific information on the Internet, thinking critically, and knowing how to use search engines are skills that CEGEPs seek to develop in students. In this regard, Érudit is a great starting point.”

With 23 million visits a year, Érudit is one of the most consulted corpuses in the world by researchers, students, and ordinary Internet users alike. It cuts across 28 disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including anthropology, philosophy, art history, and psychology.

“In the context of transition to digital, this commitment also provides financial support to the 135 scholarly and cultural journals published on the platform. This is a beneficial agreement for both parties, since Érudit allows the CEGEP network to discover the nation’s scientific and cultural richness, while funding from the libraries allows the journals to continue their editorial work.” said Tanja Niemann, Executive Director of Érudit.

The CEGEP network is a key partner in the development of research and scientific training in the country. CEGEPs host 49 technology transfer centres, ensuring the pursuit of scientific research at the college level, and play a leading role in the training of post-secondary students and the application of document search methodologies.

“Érudit is particularly well suited to the mission of grouping CCSR’s electronic resources. The agreement groups the largest number of institutions, and subscribers are extremely satisfied with the quality of the resource.” said Anthony Laquerre, Coordinator of Information Technologies and Library Services. “Being able to implement a product that is appreciated and widely used by our clientele is highly motivating for our team.”

About the CCSR
The CCSR is a non-profit organization that brings together institutions and organizations from educational networks and was created in order to share services and achieve significant economies.

About Érudit
Érudit is the largest electronic disseminator of French-language and bilingual Canadian research and is an interuniversity consortium of the Université de Montréal, Université Laval, and the Université du Québec à Montréal. Érudit is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture.


Gwendal Henry
Communications officer
Cynthia Paquette
Administrative technician