Cahiers québécois de démographie

1975 to date

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Founded in Montreal in 1971, Cahiers québécois de démographie publishes texts in French on Quebec, Canadian and international demography. The journal’s primary aim is to participate in the development of knowledge within the various areas that involve demographic studies by disseminating the results of the work of researchers in the discipline. The journal also attracts the attention of researchers in other disciplines interested in the role and impact of demographic phenomena. Its editorial policy (all articles are submitted to a reading committee) allows for the gathering and publishing of quality contributions from recognized researchers in the scientific community.

ISSN (print) 0380-1721
ISSN (digital) 1705-1495
Publisher Département des sciences humaines de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Managing Editor(s) Hélène Vézina

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