Arborescences: revue d’études françaises

2011 to date

Encompassing all aspects of the French language, Arborescences is dedicated to critical thought on current debates in French studies, whether it be related to literature, linguistics or didactic. In order to help establish and convey new knowledge in each of these areas of study, we aim to promote a theoretical and critical approach to a specific theme in each of our issues. Openly interdisciplinary, Arborescences’ goal is to become a meeting place for different disciplines without neglecting their own necessary specificity. Founded in 2010 at the University of Toronto and hopeful of overcoming the geographical limits of a province and of a university, this journal strives to initiate and invest in new forms of intellectual exchange.

ISSN (digital) 1925-5357
Publisher The Department of History at the University of New Brunswick
Managing Editor(s) Patrick Thériault

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