Coalition Publica

Coalition Publica is a strategic partnership created in the spring of 2017 by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). It is a product of the ongoing consultative dialogues within the Canadian research community for the development of a national infrastructure for open access dissemination of HSS publications.

The creation of Coalition Publica is the Canadian manifestation of an emerging international movement redefining the power dynamic in the field of scholarly publishing in support of a free and open circulation of knowledge. It aims to support the HSS scholarly community in the context of a transition toward open access and of significant budget cuts.

Coalition Publica is funded and supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (Cyberinfrastructure and Major Scientific Initiatives programmes).

Three development priorities:

  1. publishing services and support for Canadian scholarly journals
  2. shared technological advances  for publishing software and platforms
  3. research activities

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