Renewal of the agreement between Érudit and Collecto: Guaranteeing schools’ access to Canadian scientific and cultural publications.

Érudit and Collecto Services regroupés en éducation have renewed their agreement allowing 175,000 CEGEP students to access the largest corpus of social science and humanities journals in Canada. The diverse range of sources provided by search engines and the transformation of the media landscape make it increasingly difficult to find reliable information online. In this […]

Did Someone Say Canadian Academic Journals?

As our scientific director Vincent Larivière says, “Quebec and Canadian academic journals allow the dissemination of papers on national interests and benefit from a much higher usage than the average international journals.” (De l’importance des revues de recherche nationales, Acfas, translated from French by Érudit, 2014). But what are the salient characteristics of our national journals? As part […]

The Month in Reviews – September 2019

Discover the last publications disseminated on! Arts Écosystème Danse Volume 2, numéro 1, 2019 Circuit Volume 29, numéro 2, 2019 Les voies de la pansonorité : la musique microtonale d’hier à aujourd’hui Sous la direction de Paul Bazin et Robert Hasegawa Revue musicale OICRM Volume 6, numéro 1, 2019 Documenter, analyser et révéler la […]

The Month in Review – August 2019

We present here the list of publications disseminated on during the last month. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive this list each month! Anthropology and Ethnology Anthropologie et Sociétés Volume 43, number 1, 2019 Champs sonores Sound Fields Campos sonoros Études Inuit Studies Volume 41, number 1-2, 2017 Bestiaire inuit Inuit Bestiary Guest-edited by Frédéric Benjamin […]

Casa Services and Google Scholar Subscriber links

We work in collaboration with hundreds of libraries and organisations all over the wold to continuously improve the visibility and accessibility of the publications available on our platform. With this in mind, we have recently added two news services developed by Google Scholar, Subscriber Links and CASA, for the majority of subscribed libraries and Érudit […]

UK Research Project – 2019/20

With more than 2 million page views last year, the United Kingdom ranks fourth among countries for consulting our platform. This consultation has also grown significantly over the past few years, with an 180% increase in 2018! In order to better understand the growing use of our collection of 179 Canadian journals in the social […]

Open access policy of the Fonds de recherche du Québec

Érudit welcomes with great interest the Open access policy for the dissemination of research unveiled on April 1, 2019 by the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ). This policy requires that the research results funded by the Fonds be freely available no later than 12 months after their publication. This policy is part of a […]

Giving Archives a New Life through Digital Publishing!

The large-scale digitization project carried out by Documentation et bibliothèques in collaboration with the Érudit platform will allow the journal to increase its global readership as well as to provide open access to all its previous issues. Published since 1973 by the Association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED), known […]

Annual Report 17-18

We are pleased to present to you our annual report for the year 2017-2018, during which we have been working hard to consolidate our national mission, to develop the Partnership for Open Access and to launch new research activities. Thirteen new journals joined our platform, of which seven are distributed through fully open access. A new record! […]