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New Érudit Platform: Features

Find what you’re looking for, and even more, on the new The new platform’s complete and technical overhaul is the result of a one and a half year’s work by the Érudit team. Our aim is to improve article views and welcome the arrival of new services. Below you will find information regarding the platform’s features, by user type. […]

Érudit Platform Redesign

Towards a new Érudit in autumn 2016! Since several months, our development team has been working on the next release of Érudit platform. Platform’s interface (“front-end”), technologies (“back-end”) and services provided will be updated. The new platform launch is expected for autumn 2016. This new version will offer users an improved reading experience due to […]

Substance Consortium

Last year, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (CoKo) partnered to support an open source ecosystem for knowledge creation and dissemination. Today, we are proud to announce that, in conjunction with Consortium Érudit, we are taking another concrete step towards this common goal. Our three organizations have identified Substance, a JavaScript library […]